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Early Chinese Literature

By: Watson, Burton

Price: $7.95

Publisher: NY, Columbia University Press: 1962

Seller ID: SB1527

Binding: Blue Cloth

Condition: Very Good

The Vanishing Empire

By: Weale, B. L. Putnam

Price: $28.00

Publisher: London, Macmillan: 1926

Seller ID: C424

Binding: Maroon Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Chinese Weapons

By: Werner, E. T. C.

Price: $6.95

Publisher: Los Angeles, CA, Ohara Publications: 1975

Seller ID: EW42

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

History of India and Afghanistan, Nepal and Burma

By: Wheeler, J. T.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Delhi, India, Gian Publishing House: 1987

Seller ID: SJ8303

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Five Thousand Year of Pakistan; an Archaeological Outline

By: Wheeler, R. E. M.; Rahman, Hon'Ble Fazlur (preface by)

Price: $19.40

Publisher: London, Royal India & Pakistan Society: 1950

Seller ID: SJ7381

Binding: Green Cloth Spine, Yellow Bds.

Condition: Good

The War in the East: Japan, China, and Corea

By: White, Trumbull

Price: $200.00

Publisher: PA, Elliott Publishing: 1895

Seller ID: C430

Binding: Green Cloth

Condition: Good+

Punjabi Musalmans

By: Wikeley, J. M.

Price: $11.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Manohar Publications: 1991

Seller ID: SJ8065

ISBN: 8185425353

Binding: Green Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Historical Sketches of the South India in an Attempt to Trace the History of Mysore from the Origin of the Hindu Government of That State, to the Extinction of the Mohammedan Dynasty in 1799.

By: Wilks, Mark (by); Hammick, Murray (edited with Notes by)

Price: $50.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Asian Educational Services: 1989

Seller ID: SJ9807

ISBN: 8120604911

Binding: Red Cloth

Condition: Very Good

The Great Wall of Confinement: The Chinese Prison Camp Through Contemporary Fiction and Reportage

By: Williams, Philip F.; Wu, Yenna

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Berkekley, CA, University of California Press: 2004

Seller ID: SB7835

ISBN: 0520227794

Binding: Red Cloth

Condition: Near Fine

A Griffin in China: Fact and Legend in the Everyday Life of the Great Republic

By: Wimsatt, Genevieve

Price: $35.00

Publisher: NY, Funk & wagnalls Company: 1927

Seller ID: SB8401

Binding: Embossed Black Cloth

Condition: Very Good

India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Dispute; on Regional Conflict and Its Resolution

By: Wirsing, Robert G.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: London, The Macmillan Press Ltd.: 1998

Seller ID: SJ8360

ISBN: 0333740947

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

Americans First: Chinese and the Second World War

By: Wong, K. Scott

Price: $24.50

Publisher: Philadelphia, Temple University Press: 2008

Seller ID: SB5840

ISBN: 1592138403

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Bitter Winds: a Memoir of My Years in China's Gulag

By: Wu, Harry; Wakeman, Carolyn

Price: $6.50

Publisher: NY, John Wiley & Sons: 1994

Seller ID: EW518

ISBN: 0471114251

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Laogai-The Chinese Gulag

By: Wu, Hongda Harry (by); Slingerland, Ted (translated by); Lizhi, Fang (foreword by)

Price: $8.95

Publisher: Boulder, CO, Westview Press: 1992

Seller ID: SB7616

ISBN: 081331769X

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

Church Growth in Japan: A Study in the Development of Eight Denominations 1859-1939

By: Yamamori, Tetsunao

Price: $20.00

Publisher: CA, William Carey Library: 1974

Seller ID: SB1727

ISBN: 0878084126

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

The International Legal Status Of the Kwantung Leased Territory

By: Young, C. Walter

Price: $23.00

Publisher: Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press: 1931

Seller ID: C523

Binding: Blue Cloth/Gilt

Condition: Good+

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; Glimpses from the Jail File

By: Zaman, Fakhar (compiled by)

Price: $82.45

Publisher: Lahore, Pakistan, Agha Amir Hussain: 1995

Seller ID: SJ7631

Binding: Glossy Illustrated Boards

Condition: Very Good

A Young Painter: The Life and Paintings of Wang Yani-China's Extraordinary Young Artist

By: Zhensun, Zheng; Low, Alice (by); Stuart, Jan (intro.)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Scholastic Inc.: 1991

Seller ID: SB6656

ISBN: 0590449060

Binding: Cloth Spine/Glossy Boards

Condition: Fine