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The Man in the Mirror: A Novel of Espionage

By: Ayer, Frederick Jr.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Chicago, Henry Regnery Company : 1965

Seller ID: SB15494

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good+

Spies of the Confederacy

By: Bakeless, John

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Mineola, NY, Dover Publications : 1997

Seller ID: SB15001

ISBN-13: 9780486298658

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Good+

The Secret Life of Sir Stewart Menzies, Spymaster to Winston Churchill

By: Brown, Anthony Cave

Price: $8.95

Publisher: NY, Macmillan & Co. : 1987

Seller ID: EW4516

ISBN-13: 9780025173903

Binding: Quarter Cloth

Condition: Very Good+

The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6

By: Corera, Gordon

Price: $11.50

Publisher: NY, Pegasus Books : 2012

Seller ID: SB14851

ISBN-13: 9781605983981

Binding: Boards

Condition: Fine

No Heroes: Inside the FBI's Secret Counter-Terror Force

By: Coulson, Danny O.; Shannon, Elaine

Price: $8.95

Publisher: NY, Pocket Books : 1999

Seller ID: EW4522

ISBN-13: 9780671020613

Binding: Quarter Cloth

Condition: Near Fine

The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg

By: Dawidoff, Nicholas

Price: $7.99

Publisher: NY, Vintage Books : 1995

Seller ID: SB14989

ISBN-13: 9780679762898

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Confessions of a Spy (the Real story of Aldrich Ames)

By: Earley, Pete

Price: $5.95

Publisher: NY, G.P, Putnam's Sons : 1997

Seller ID: 00725

ISBN-13: 9780399141881

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall

By: Funder, Anna

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Harper Perennial : 2009

Seller ID: SB14846

ISBN-13: 9780062077325

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Fine

The Intelligence Revolution: a Historical Perspective

By: Hitchcock, Walter T., Lt. Col.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Washington, DC, U.S. Air Force Academy/Office of Air Force History : 1991

Seller ID: EW6230

ISBN-13: 9780912799704

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Near Fine

Why Spy?: Espionage in an Age of Uncertainty

By: Hitz, Frederick P.

Price: $7.95

Publisher: NY, Thomas Dunne Books : 2008

Seller ID: EW4525

ISBN-13: 9780312356040

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Near Fine

High Cold War: Strategic Air Reconnaissance and the Electronic Intelligence War

By: Jackson, Robert

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Somerset, UK, Patrick Stephens Limited : 1998

Seller ID: SB8345

ISBN-13: 9781852605841

Binding: Blue Cloth

Condition: Near Fine

Intelligence in War: Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda

By: Keegan, John

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Alfred A. Knopf : 2003

Seller ID: SB14498

ISBN-13: 9780375400537

Binding: Boards

Condition: Very Good

Overworld: The Life and Times of a Reluctant Spy

By: Kolb, Larry J.

Price: $9.95

Publisher: NY, Riverhead Books : 2004

Seller ID: SB13312

ISBN-13: 9781573222532

Binding: Boards

Condition: Very Good+

Women Wartime Spies

By: Kramer, Ann

Price: $8.95

Publisher: NY, MJF Books : 2011

Seller ID: SB12820

ISBN-13: 9781606711675

Binding: Quarter Cloth

Condition: Fine

My Country Versus Me: The First-Hand Account By the Los Alamos Scientist Who Was Falsely Accused of Being a Spy

By: Lee, Wen Ho (by); Zia, Helen (with)

Price: $7.50

Publisher: NY, Hyperion : 2001

Seller ID: SB11669

ISBN-13: 9780786868032

Binding: Cloth Spine/Paper Boards

Condition: Near Fine

Wilson Plot

By: Leigh, David

Price: $5.77

Publisher: NY, Pantheon Books : 1988

Seller ID: 00402

ISBN-13: 9780394572413

Binding: Boards, Cloth Spine

Condition: Near Fine

The Ultra Americans: The U.S. Role in Breaking the Nazi Codes

By: Parrish, Thomas

Price: $10.50

Publisher: NY, Stein and Day : 1986

Seller ID: 07596

ISBN-13: 9780812830729

Binding: Quarter Cloth, Paper Sides

Condition: Near Fine

The Penkovskiy Papers

By: Penkovskiy, Oleg (Introduction and Commentary by Frank Gibney)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Garden City, NY, Doubleday & Company, Inc. : 1965

Seller ID: 07980

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good

Protection Against Bombs and Incendaries for Business, Industrial and Educational Institutions

By: Pike, Earl A.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Springfield, IL, Charles C. Thomas : 1972

Seller ID: 22072

ISBN-13: 9780398025175

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good+

Too Secret Too Long

By: Pincher, Chapman

Price: $5.99

Publisher: NY, St. Martin's Press : 1984

Seller ID: 01305

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good