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Smithsonian Institution BAE Bulletin 157: Anthropological Papers Numbers 43-48

Price: $23.00

Publisher: Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution/BAE : 1955

Seller ID: EW2524

Binding: Original Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Smithsonian Institution BAE Bulletin 162: Guaymi Grammar and Dictionary with Some Ethnological Notes

By: Alphonse, Ephraim S.

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution/BAE : 1956

Seller ID: EW2525

Binding: Original Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Looking for Dilmun

By: Bibby, Geoffrey

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Alfred A. Knopf : 1969

Seller ID: SB12637

Binding: Red Cloth

Condition: Very Good+

The Acropolis Of Athens And It's Museum

By: Brouscari, B.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Athens, Apollo Editions : 1991

Seller ID: SJ369

ISBN-13: 9789604290246

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

The Byzantine Empire

By: Browning, Robert

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Washington, D.C., The Catholic University of America Press : 1992

Seller ID: SB11069

ISBN-13: 9780813207544

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Ancient Thought: Plato & Aristotle (Vol 1 of the Monuments of Western Thought Series)

By: Cantor, Norman F.; Klein, Peter L. (Eds.)

Price: $6.95

Publisher: Waltham, Massachusetts, Blaisdell Publishing Company : 1969

Seller ID: SAS0185

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Greek and Roman History: Publication Number 11

By: Chambers, Mortimer

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Washington, Service Center for Teachers of History : 1958

Seller ID: SB2747

Binding: Stapled Wraps

Condition: Very Good

The Iron Age and Etruscan Vases in the Olcott Collection at Columbia University, New York (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 70, Part 1, 1980)

By: Edlund, Ingrid E.M.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Philadelphia, The American Philosophical Society : 1980

Seller ID: EW2224

ISBN-13: 9780871697011

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good

Bronze Age War Chariots (New Vanguard 119)

By: Fields, Nic

Price: $9.50

Publisher: Oxford, UK, Osprey : 2006

Seller ID: EW1136

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

The Heritage of Persia

By: Frye, Richard N.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Cleveland, OH, The World Publishing Company : 1963

Seller ID: SB15679

Binding: Green Cloth

Condition: Very Good

History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies and Conquests, to the Division of the MacEdonian Empire; Including the History of Literature, Philosophy and the Fine Arts: Complete in One Volume

By: Gillies, John

Price: $29.00

Publisher: NY, Bangs, Brother, & Co. : 1852

Seller ID: SB9570

Binding: Brown Cloth

Condition: Very Good

German Medieval Armies 1000-1300 ( Men-At-Arms Series 310 )

By: Gravett, Christopher

Price: $9.95

Publisher: London, Osprey : 1997

Seller ID: EW942

ISBN-13: 9781855326576

Binding: Illustrated Wraps

Condition: Near Fine

Qadesh 1300BC: Clash of the Warrior Kings: Osprey Military Campaign Series 22

By: Healy, Mark; Chandler, David G. (general editor)

Price: $8.95

Publisher: London, Osprey Military : 1993

Seller ID: SB13596

ISBN-13: 9781855323001

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Good+

The History of Ancient and Modern Wines

By: Henderson, A L.

Price: $300.00

Publisher: Baltimore, Bacchus Press

Seller ID: SB13533

Binding: Boards

Condition: Very Good+

Legionary: The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) Manual

By: Matyszak, Philip

Price: $10.00

Publisher: London, Thames & Hudson : 2009

Seller ID: SB14465

ISBN-13: 9780500251515

Binding: Illustrated Boards

Condition: Very Good+

McCrindle's Ancient India

By: Megasthenes and Arrian (as Described by); Jain, Ramchandra (edited by)

Price: $65.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Today & Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers : 1972

Seller ID: SB13759

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Very Good+

The Age of Charlemagne Warfare in Western Europe 750-1000 AD (Men-At-Arms Series 150)

By: Nicolle, David

Price: $8.99

Publisher: London, Osprey : 1984

Seller ID: EW947

ISBN-13: 9780850450422

Binding: Illustrated Wraps

Condition: Very Good

The Crusades (Elite 19)

By: Nicolle, David

Price: $9.50

Publisher: London, Osprey : 1988

Seller ID: EW1094

ISBN-13: 9780850458541

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+

The American Historical Review; April 1981

By: Pflanze, Otto (Editor)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Washington, D.C., American Historical Association : 1981

Seller ID: EW6089

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Good

The Praetorian Guard (Elite 50)

By: Rankov, Dr Boris

Price: $9.50

Publisher: London, Osprey : 1994

Seller ID: EW1105

ISBN-13: 9781855323612

Binding: Wraps

Condition: Very Good+